Concrete Strength Monitoring System

State of the art sensors for concrete. Easy and hassle free.

The definitive solution to monitor concrete.

At any time, any place.

CoSMoS is an all in one system empowered by IoT technology that allows you to access the interior of concrete in constructions. With CoSMoS you will know real-time the current and historic to status of your concrete pouring.

Save time and money thanks to better planning your pourings, detect errors in concrete mixtures earlier and reduce unnecessary timeouts. Also, reduce risks caused by early formwork removals.

Our Concrete Strength Monitoring System provides you with sensors, measurement devices and an app access. 

Why should you use CoSMoS ?​


More safety

Decrease accidents caused by early formwork removal

Reduce cost

Save money by reducing unnecessary elapsing time and lab tests.

Better planning

Avoid timeouts with precise formwork removals. Plan better your project

Concrete Quality

Compare with your supplier maturing curves to detect errors in the mixture.

CoSMoS is useful for everyone involve in the construction process

Ready Mixers

Compare your maturing curves with real data of your customers and detect errors before it is too late.

Constructor Groundworks

Reduce your cost only avoiding timeouts and accidents, and improve project planning.

Building Owner

Minimize project risk and move faster reducing your costs. Shorten your sales cycle.


Access accurate data of your construction and make sure that requirements are fulfilled.

Building Control

Obtain a specific tool for accurate control of concrete pourings.

The power of data
Supercharge your constructions

Start using CoSMoS and make your constructions more efficient thanks to the real-time information on concrete strength. Plan better, be safer, increase your profit.

Every construction site is different, but we have a product to suit your needs

CoSMoS cloudsensing

About CoSMoS

CoSMoS is a product of cloudsensing, the young and innovative startup disrupting the way of how things are done in the industry.

Welcome to the future. Welcome to the new industrial revolution. Welcome to cloudsensing.

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