The all-in-one concrete monitoring solution

CoSMoS technology is here to help you

Improve project scheduling

Plan better your projects by having real time feedback on how concrete is maturing and anticipate the next stages

Remote measurements

Get rid of manual data extraction. Just place a sensor, pour the concrete and data will be available for you through the app.

Concrete reporting

Curing data is always available in the app, but you can also get reports automatically generated for you, to be added to your project documentation.

Automatic notifications

Set up thresholds for every measurement and get notified when concrete will reach specifications. Never miss a second to act in advance.

The sensors

CoSMoS Lite - the maturity sensor for everyday use

The single use autonomous module that is placed inside concrete. Forget wires, forget near field data extraction.

The ideal solution for everyday use. Place, connect, forget.

CoSMoS Lite

CoSMoS Core - the most used concrete maturity sensor

A reusable data transmission device that gets connected to disposable sensor system placed inside concrete.

The most performant solution offering you reliability, quality and precise data.

CoSMoS Core

CoSMoS Endurance - maturity sensors for rough environments

Devices designed for demanding environments, with the same usability and philosophy as our Core product.

Perfect for big construction projects and civil engineering works.

CoSMoS Endurance

CoSMoS will bring your company to the future

The application

CoSMoS app - Monitor concrete strength in real time

Real-time concrete strength monitoring in your pocket

CoSMoS monitor concrete

Follow concrete evolution

Keep track of your different concrete pourings in your project through our intuitive dashboard and never miss any detail.

CoSMoS predict concrete maturity

Anticipate events with online predictions

If you need further planning, CoSMoS can determine for you when concrete will cure, so you can prepare the next steps of your project.

CoSMoS share concrete data

Share your data and be more productive

Enable notifications, send concrete data to others, generate reports give access external access to your workspaces. Everyone will keep track of the progress.

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